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SMT-04 Series

Category: Regulators

Temperature regulators of SMT-04 type are microprocessor-based, programmable controllers, intended to be used in milk coolers. Regulator is being placed in casing of rail.

Due to universality of these regulators there are also other possibilities of their application. An example of another using is the ability to set the regulator as a heating regulator and adapt him to control the heating system. In this case, there is additional possible, that the controlling of ventilators can be used (use - in dryers).

Regulator default settings enables quick and direct use of him on most of the standard devices.


smt 04



  1. Selecting the operating mode of the regulator: refrigerant mode, heating mode.
  2. Measurement and display of measured temperature with a resolution of 0,2oC.
  3. Control of the unit, according to the measured temperature with a resolution of 0,2oC.
  4. Control of the stirrer or ventilator, enabling to carry out the following variants of that controlling (depending on the made settings):
  5. Visualization of the unit (heating system) and stirrer (ventilator) operation state.
  6. The function to block the stirrer (ventilator) work and the unit (heating system) operation on opening the flap valve of milk cooling container (on limit switch activating/actuation).
  7. The unit operation control function consisting in the possibility of setting the maximum and minimum unit operation time as well as its minimum unit stillstand (stand-by) time.
  8. The memory function to store maximal and minimal temperature values appearing in the whole regulator operation cycle. This function is combined with the possibility of delaying in time the temperature data storing into the regulator memory, from the moment of switching on the regulator.
  9. The alarm signalling function – a visual and sound signalling – in case of exceeding the given entered temperature range limits. This function is combined with the possibility of time-lag (delaying) of the regulator alarm system activation (actuation), after switching on the regulator.
  10. The function to control and to signal the measuring probe damaging.
  11. Protecting of installer setting by password.
  12. Limiting the range of settings of the control temperature.
  13. Deactivation of the audible alarm.
  14. The delay unit off after opening the flap valve of milk cooling container.


  • the output to control the unit (heating system)
  • the output to control the stirrer (ventilator)


  • the input to temperature sensor
  • the input to activating/actuation sensor