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SMT-05 Series

Category: Regulators

Temperature regulator SMT-05 v. 3 is a microprocessor-based, programmable temperature controller, intended for use in comprehensive servicing of milk coolers, beer wort tanks, all types of dryers, chambers and sterilizing and pasteurizing devices, devices for producing juices, heating of swimming pools, or for foil tunnels.

The regulator casing is hermetic (IP 65 protection class) and therefore resistant to humidity, dirt and low temperature; electronics of the regulator is able to work in temperatures up to -10 OC. The casing is adapted for wall mounting.

In the set with the regulator there is a temperature sensor in the rubber cover (protection class IP68), ended with a stainless steel sleeve. The regulator signals the failure of the temperature sensor.

A number of functions that the regulator is equipped with, as well as the ability for the user to create his own regulator work program, make it a universal controller to manage the operation of the refrigeration unit and the stirrer, or e.g. the heater and fan.


smt 05


The regulator is equipped with a number of functions that, together with the possibility of creating your own program, enable adjusting the regulator's work to the individual needs of the user. Some of the functions listed below are activated after the appropriate programming of the regulator.

  • Continuous temperature measurement function, regardless of whether the regulator is on (it must be connected to the power supply).
  • Controlling the refrigeration system (chiller), depending on the measured temperature.
  • Light signaling function for switching on the cooling / heating operation – blue LED is on.
  • Control function of the heating system, depending on the measured temperature.
  • The stirrer or ventilator control function, enabling the automatic or manual operation, depending on the settings.
  • Blocking function of the stirrer and the chiller (unit) when the flap of the milk cooler tank opens (actuation of the limit switch); in dryers it can be used to turn off the ventilator, e.g. when the door is opened.
  • Defining the operation of the limit switch as negative or positive.
  • The chiller (unit) operation supervision function, consisting in the possibility of setting the maximum and minimum operation time of the chiller (unit), as well as its minimum standstill time.
  • Registering the maximum and minimum temperature values ​​throughout the regulator's working cycle. This function is connected with the possibility of temporally delaying the recording of temperature data to the regulator's memory since its activation.
  • Alarm signaling (visual and audible) of exceeding the set temperature range. This function is connected with the possibility of delaying the time of switching on the alarm system of the regulator from the moment of its activation.
  • Monitoring and signaling function of the damage to the temperature sensor – in such case the letters ACU appear on the display.
  • Function of adjustable delay time for switching on the chiller (unit) and stirrer after decay and re-switching on the voltage.

From May 2021, a new variant of this controller is available – SMT-05 PRO, which is equipped with two additional functions:

  • possibility to set two cooling temperatures (initial and target) and
  • possibility to set a delay in switching on the cooling for the time of milking.