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Precise temperature regulators are indispensable devices, e.g. in the dairy industry. Controlling the temperature keeps milk and other foods fresh for a long time without compromising on quality. Regulators for the storage of vegetables and fruits are also often used tools in cold rooms and warehouses. The controller shows the air temperature both outside and inside the room. This procedure allows you to choose the air quality for a specific product. Adjusting the right temperature will delay the natural ripening processes of fruit and vegetables, thanks to which the products will retain their visual and taste qualities for a long time. Regulators affect the efficiency of the cold room, thanks to which the storage of vegetables and fruit takes place in optimal conditions.

Properly organized warehouses or cold rooms for food products must be equipped with temperature regulators with accurate gauges. Our modern devices of this type allow you to control the temperature with an accuracy of tenths of a degree Celsius. Although they are very precise devices, they are easy to use. They are equipped with simple tactile membrane keyboards, which additionally protect the temperature regulators against the ingress of moisture inside the device. They are adapted to automatic operation, but can also be controlled manually.


SMT – a series of modern temperature regulators

In order to meet the expectations of the market, we have created a series of SMT temperature regulators. The method of their mounting – panel, rail or wall – allows the device to be adapted to the customer's needs. Regulators for milk coolers allow you to manage the work at the highest level. The stirrer and the cooling device are responsible for the quality of the stored product, and the sensor precisely indicates the temperature of the milk. The controller of milk coolers will improve work on farms and large industrial plants. There is a possibility of remote or manual control of the agitator. Depending on your needs, you can choose the appropriate operating mode of the regulator – cooling or heating. Such a procedure will allow you to control the temperature in the cooler depending on the prevailing weather conditions. They can also be adapted to work with sterilizers and pasteurizers.


Regulators for sterilizers

Controllers for sterilizers help to keep spaces in clean conditions. Having the controller at your disposal makes it much easier to meet the requirements of the applicable standards related to the storage of food products. The device shows the actual measurements of the air quality in the room and informs about the sterilization process. Sterilizer controllers work well in warehouses of various sizes. The advantage of the device is the ability to supervise work remotely and manually. The intuitive management of control cycles improves the sterilizer's operation, thanks to which the rooms become free from contamination.


Refrigeration regulators

On the other hand, the main purpose of SCH refrigeration controllers is to maintain a constant, low temperature. The architecture of our temperature regulators allows, however, to adapt them to the needs of the plant or warehouses and the conditions prevailing in them. This versatility also translates into the way they are used, which is not limited to regulating refrigeration devices. The devices produced by our company can also be used as a heating regulator, adapting them to control the heating system and to control fans used in dryers.

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