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Our programmable time controllers are used in many aspects of dairy operations, as well as wherever it is necessary to control several external devices as a function of time. We produce controllers that manage the washing of milk coolers and milking parlors and are responsible for controlling the agitator in the tank. The experience gained in this field has allowed us to prepare devices that respond to the actual needs of enterprises producing and processing milk, including those from other industries. Each of them has been profiled in such a way that our product series can meet all the requirements of our potential customers. Thanks to this, our controllers for washing milking parlors and tanks are eagerly used by a large number of dairy companies.

The UMS controllers available in our offer are high-quality, technologically advanced devices. The available models differ in several key parameters, including the method of outputting. At the installation stage, they are fully programmable, so you can create programs individually tailored to a specific purpose. The user can use pre-installed basic programs, or modify them or create them from scratch according to specific needs. This allows for great flexibility when designing machines supported by our controllers. At the same time, they are protected against unintentional interference by the end user of the equipment.


Controllers for dairy

We offer controllers for dairy that allow you to automate processes taking place in milking parlors and milk processing plants. Such devices enable you to increase work efficiency by automatically activating specific tasks. Our assortment includes high-quality UMS controllers that can be individually adapted to your needs. They enable any programming, depending on the infrastructure on the farm. We primarily offer controllers for washing tanks and the entire milking parlor, which ensure work efficiency and allow for the optimization of tasks in the company.


UMS Controllers with the possibility of independent programming

Programmable time controllers allow you to independently adjust operating parameters to the needs of a given user, as well as the conditions and rules applicable in the company. The customer can decide what functions will be activated when the controller is turned on. Individually tailored programs help keep processes in the milking parlor running smoothly while reducing the human resources needed.

The set programs can be changed at any time, adapting them to current needs and possibilities. This provides great flexibility and allows our systems to be used in many places in a short time. Operating the systems is not complicated - all information on this subject is available in the instructions attached to the UMS controllers.
If you have additional questions about available UMS drivers, please contact our specialists.