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1.  What does PPP symbol, displaying in milk cooling containers of regulators, stand for?

The emerging PPP symbol displayed alternately with the temperature means exceeded of the normal range of temperatures.
It needs to be checked whether the refrigeration system is working correctly. If the refrigeration system is operating, then the settings relating to alarm signalling should be changed (see instructions).


2. What does displaying ACU symbol stand for?

If the ACU symbol displays, it means temperature sensor damage. In refrigerant regulators after the ACU symbol there will be also displayed number 1, 2 or 3 marking the number of the damaged sensor.
It needs the defective sensor to be replaced with working one.


3. Why is the temperature indicated by the regulator differs from the temperature measured at the other thermometer?

The display shows the temperature at the point where the sensor is. The indirect method of measurement, that consists in setting of sensor e.g. on the cloak of container of milk, often is used. In such case a sensor will measure the external casing temperature and partly temperature of surroundings.
The best remedy is to change the position of the sensor or to improve the insulation between the sensor and the environment. If there is no capacity to perform the above steps, there is possible to make a correction of scale meter control based on the reference thermometer indications (see manual).


4. Why work of stirrer is not included, despite that unit is running?

It needs to be checked whether the LED of the stirrer [7] work is signalling - see manual. If the LED is not lit, then the work of stirrer [2] was shutted down by accidentally pressing switching off button.
The button [2] which starts the work of stirrer needs to be pressed.
If manual shutdown of work of stirrer is not in use, then it is recommended, that changes in the regulator settings causing the elimination of action of this button, should be take care by technical support.
If the LED is lit, and the stirrer does not work, despite the efficiency of the geared motor, it indicates a malfunction of the regulator.


5. What to do in case of difficulty during setting of optimal cycle of work of the washing controller, despite use of the manual?

You can contact with us by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Technical support of our firm will help to set "step by step" parameters of work, that is required.


6. What to do if the temperature indicated by the regulator differs by about 30oC from the real temperature?

This means damage of the sensor.
The sensor should be exchanged with a new one.