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MCH-07 Series

Category: Controllers


Please note that we have upgraded the software of all UMS series controllers, which includes two new functions:

  1. programming the cyclical changes in the dosage of washing detergents (relays no. 6 and no. 7) in subsequent washing processes [parameters Cdd, d6 and d7]
  2. blocking the possibility of changing the washing program by the direct user [parameter bAP]
  3. automatic start of cooling after completion of the washing program [parameter ASC].


Our offer also includes the MCH-07 controller – an universal combined controller that allows the cooling of the milk contained in the tank and the cleaning of the tank. The controller is in a hermetic casing, for wall mounting (protection class IP65). It consists of a cooling control segment and a washing control segment.

The main features of the third generation MCH-07 controller in the PRO version (available from April 2021) are:

  • number of relays increased to 8
  • real time clock (RTC), allowing, among others to set two different programs depending on the time of day, as well as to set a different detergent depending on the time of day (morning-afternoon)
  • hysteresis range from 0.2OC
  • possibility of manual activation of the vacuum pump or the stirrer in two variants
  • control of the stirrer and the unit (chiller)
  • an additional signaling that the washing process has been started
  • washing activation lock when cooling process is on and cooling activation lock when washing process is on
  • 8 washing programs, fully programmable (including 4 factory-programmed, (including 3 for the milking devices and 1 for washing the tank), with the possibility of creating up to 100 steps (sequences) in each program
  • possibility of skipping any step (sequence) during the program implementation, as well as the possibility of its extension
  • possibility to set the delay of the controller switching on after a power failure
  • pulse dosing option
  • possibility to set two different cooling temperatures (initial and target), depending on the time elapsed since cooling was turned on
  • cooling activation delay for the time of milking.

This controller is also available in a version with the possibility of controlling water heating (MCH-07T): with one temperature sensor common for the cooling segment and the washing segment (MCH-07T1) or with two temperature sensors, separate for each segment (MCH-07T2).

In the MCH-07T version:

  • all the functions of the standard version are available
  • the kit also includes a temperature sensor
  • temperature can be set in the range of 20-80OC, every 0.5OC
  • hysteresis for thermostatic control can be set in the range 1-20OC, every 1.0 OC
  • relay 8 is factory set to control the heater
  • possibility to set the temperature indication on the display during any step (sequence)
  • possibility to set various variants of functions related to temperature:
    • heating up to a predetermined temperature and processing to the next step (sequence)
    • thermostatic control, i.e. controlling the heater in such a way that the temperature is kept within the set range for a specified period of time
    • it is permissible to set both steps (sequences) with heating and with thermostatic control in the program.

The controller in the basic version and in the T version is also available in two variants:

  • variant equipped with inputs/outputs on the back of the enclosure (MCH-07.b)
  • variant with a flange around the front part of the enclosure and with inputs/outputs on the back of the enclosure (MCH-07.f), enabling the controller to be built, e.g. in a control cabinet.