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Membrane keyboards

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Please be advised that our offer has been extended by graphic overlays for membrane (foil) keyboards, manufactured according to the design sent by the customer.

Our keyboards are resistant to scratches, water, sun, dust and some chemicals. Their permissible operating temperature is -40 OC to + 70 OC, and the permissible ambient humidity is 98% RH (40 ° C).

Keyboard thickness: from 0.6 mm to 1.3 mm as standard; if you have other requirements – we will find
a solution.


Types of materials, possible finishes and available thickness:





polycarbonate (PC)


thickness 0,175/0,25/0,35/0,5 mm


thickness 0,175/0,25/0,35/0,5 mm

polyester (PET)

fine texture

thickness 0,15/0,2 mm, Autotex F150/F200

velvet texture

thickness 0,15/0,2 mm, Autotex F150/F200

gloss with hard coat

thickness 0,18 mm


We make windows:

– for LED elements: neutral, semi-transparent, white or masking filters in several colors (light gray, dark gray, black etc.); gray filters have color versatility to the color of the display, increase the contrast, facilitate the visual composition of the sticker (no additional color), and are less sensitive to the filter (sticker) distance from the display, i.e. increasing the distance does not reduce the contrast,

– for LCD displays: red, blue, black or gray with different light transmission coefficient.

The buttons on the keyboards can be: flat, with embossed border, embossed (partly or whole).

We accept files in the following formats: .cdr (up to Corel X6), .dxf and .dwg (up to AutoCAD 2007), .ai and .eps (Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe InDesign CC), as well as .pdf (Adobe Acrobat DC) – for a better visual comparison.