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UMS-04 Series

Category: Controllers

Please note that we have upgraded the software of all UMS series controllers, which includes two new functions:

  1. programming the cyclical changes in the dosage of washing detergents (relays no. 6 and no. 7) in subsequent washing processes [parameters Cdd, d6 and d7] and
  2. blocking the possibility of changing the washing program by the direct user [parameter bAP].


Basic function in UMS Series:

  1. Washing programs. The controller has 8 programs; 3 factory programs are for washing milking machines and 1 factory program is for washing milk coolers. Factory programs can be freely modified and deleted. The remaining 4 places in the controller's memory enable creating programs according to the individual needs of the user.

  2. Modification and creation of programs (function symbol in the table of settings: EdPr). The controllers allows the user to create a control program. Each program can have a maximum of 100 steps (sequences), with duration from 1 to 99 min. each. The programming method has been described in detail in the instruction, in iconographic form. Factory programs can also be modified according to the needs of the user.

  3. Manual activation of the vacuum pump or the stirrer (function symbols: UPP and UPt). This function is active only when the washing process is not running. Depending on the settings made, the function is deactivated by pressing again the button that activates is or automatically after the time set in the setting.

  4. Protection function in case of power supply failure (function symbol: UAP). Loss of power supply interrupts the execution of the activated washing program. After returning the correct supply voltage, depending on the settings made, the program execution remains off or starts in the same place where it was stopped. The return time after voltage decay can be limited in the settings of this function (in the range from 1 h to 9 h).

  5. Functions related to the clock (functions symbols: CL0, CL5, PA and Pb). The controller is equipped with a real-time clock. The purpose of this clock is the ability to determine the time (limit hour), separating the two seasons of the day (e.g. morning and afternoon). Depending on the settings, the following can be set to activate the functions related to the clock:

    – possibility of dispensing various detergents depending on the time of day, by switching on relay 6 in the “morning” (before the set limit hour) and switching on relay 7 in the “afternoon” (after the limit hour);

    – work of two different programs, depending on the time of day.

    The clock has no time stamp, so settings related to the days of the week or dates are not possible.

  6. Pulsation dosing (function symbol: PUL5). This function allows user to set the relay 7 in such a way that it will be cycled on and off during the step in which this function will be activated. This function can be activated in any steps during the washing program. Duration of switching on and off can be set in the range of 1 to 59 s.

  7. Test / service function. Allows to go sequentially to the next steps (sequences) of the program, without waiting for the duration of the step to expire. The transition is made by pressing the appropriate button. This function can be used by the user: (i) to skip any step or (ii) to go back to the previous steps during the washing program, as well as (iii) to test the correct operation
    of the system.

  8. Return to factory settings (function symbol: Pd0d). If an error occurs while setting the controller operation, it is always possible to return to the factory settings.

  9. Program start function. The program is started by manually pressing the button located on the front of the controller or by pressing the external button. It is also possible to trigger the start
    of the program in an automatic manner, carried out by an external device connected to the external button input.

  10. Pausing (suspending) the implementation of the program during its execution. This function allows to interrupt the program at any time, and then resume its implementation, which takes place exactly in the same place (step), where the program was interrupted. Pausing is carried out using the button located on the front of the controller or by pressing the external button.

  11. Disabling the program. The controller is equipped with a button that disables the program, without the possibility of resuming it. Restarting the program's work will start the program from the beginning.

  12. Displaying the time until the end of the program. During program execution, the controller's display shows the time to complete the entire program. The time indicated by the display does not take into account the time of pouring water when using a hydrostat.

  13. Function of ending the process of pouring water depending on the signal from the hydrostatic.

    Additional functions in UMS-T version:
  14. Displaying the current temperature (function symbol in the table of settings: di). The UMS-T controller can be programmed so that at any step (sequence), instead of displaying the time until the end of the washing program, it displays the current temperature (di = 1). The temperature will be displayed only in the steps in which the function has been activated.

  15. Setting the temperature, after reaching which the heater is turned off (function symbol: --°C).

  16. Function defining further controller operations after reaching the set temperature (function symbol: Hi):

    Hi parameter set to 0 means that after reaching the set temperature the heater will turn off and the controller will proceed to the next step (sequence);

    Hi parameter set to a value in the range from 1 to 20 means that after reaching the set temperature the controller will go to the thermostatic control, keeping the temperature during the step in the range determined by the set temperature, minus the set hysteresis.

  17. Temperature sensor failure monitoring function. If the controller detects damage to the temperature sensor, the controller's operation is switched off and the Err symbol appears on the display.


The UMS-T controller must have working temperature sensor connected. Otherwise, the controller can not be switched on or settings can not be made. The lack of a sensor is signaled by displaying the Err symbol.


The heater control function is implemented via relay 8. It can not be used in this controller for other purposes, unless it is not used to control the heaters at all (despite having the UMS-T version).