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Controllers of UMS-05 series are universal, programmable timing controllers. Main purpose of these controllers is to control the external devices during process of milk cooling containers and milking device.

Controllers default settings enable direct applicate of him in the most of the standard devices, intends for washing of milking device and milk cooling containers.

Controllers also have a great opportunities of individual programming, or configuring work by the installer, which installs the controller for a specific device. This creates the possibility of controller to be wide use in various devices.

A characteristic feature of these controllers is the possibility of entering by the installer his own work program or the edition of the program factory enterede.


seria UMS-05


UMS-05 controllers have many functions. Some of them are available to user, and some only for fitter. The basic functions of the controller are:

  1. Washing programs.
    The controller has 8 washing programs. Factory settings include 2 milking device washing programs and 2 programs to wash the cooling containers. The remaining programs are to be programmed by the installer.
  2. Programs setting and modification function.
    The controller enables (the installer) to individually set the programs. Each program can include up to 50 steps and can last up to 99 minutes. The programming is very simple and intuitive. It is shown in detail in the manual in the form of pictures. The factory set programs can also be modified according to specific needs.
  3. Safety function in case of power outage.
    In case of power outage the set program is stopped. When the power is back, the program will be restarted at the same point it was at the moment the outage occurred.
  4. Service function enabling to test the correctness of work of the controller set.
    This function allows to go to the next sequences of a program without waiting for the time to pass. Skipping the stages is done by means of pressing a special button. This function is only available for the installer.
  5. Function allowing to return to factory settings.
    In case an error occurs when setting the controller’s work program, there is always a possibility to return to factory settings.
  6. Function enabling to manually switch on the subpressure pump or the stirrer.
  7. Function enabling to start a program.
    The program starts when a button located on the face of the controller is pressed manually or when an external button attached to the controller is pressed. It is also possible to start the program in an automatic way through an external device.
  8. Pause function (suspension) the execution of the program during his lifetime.
    This function enables to stop the running of a program at any time until it is restarted. The restart causes the program to start operating at the same point when it stopped. The pause function can be enabled by pressing a button, located on the face of the controller or by pressing an external button attached to the controller.
  9. Function switching the program work off.
    The controller is equipped with a button which enables to switch the program off without the possibility to restart it at the same point. When the program is restarted it will start the program from the very beginning.
  10. Function which displays number of the running program and the time for its completion.
    When the program is running, on the controller display there is alternately shown number of the running program and time to its completion. The time presented doesn’t include the time required to pour the water in.


  • 6 relay leads
  • relay lead No. 5 is equipped with contacts: normal close and normal open, all the other leads have normal open contacts
  • relay lead: L phase 230 VAC


  • the input to connecting an external START button
  • the input of hydrostat



Number of programs 8
Number of factory set programs 4
Maximum number of stages in each program 50
Minimum time of one stage 1 sek
Maximum time of one stage 99 min
Number of relay leads 6
Load capacity of relay contacts 10A 250V AC
Number of controller inputs  hydrostat
- external “Start Program” button
Display type LED
Temperature control range 9,0...99,0oC
Power supply 230 V AC 50 Hz
Protection class IP55
Safety class B



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