series MCH-07

Category: Controllers

The MCH-07 controller is a universal, combined controller intended for use in milk tanks. It consists of two separate segments:

  • cooling segment,

  • washing segment.

The controller allows you to cool the milk in the tank, as well as to carry out the tank washing process. During the cooling process it is not possible, even accidentally, to activate the washing process. The washing segment is activated only when the cooling is switched off.

The controller is characterized by a very wide possibility of adapting it to various user requirements. It is fully programmable (at the installation stage), and at the same time protected against possible interference in the user's direct settings.

The MCH-07 controller is placed in a sealed casing, adapted for wall mounting. In addition to the basic variant, the offer of our company also includes variants (photos next to it):

  • MCH-07.b – with input / output connections on the back of the casing,

  • MCH-07.f – with a flange around the front of the casing and at the same time with the input / output connection on the back of the casing, which allows the controller to be built-up (e.g. in a control cabinet).


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