Fifth generation of UMS series controllers soon!

In the second half of 2019, MAKOT plans to launch two models of UMS series controllers:

  • standard model,
  • model with temperature control.

In the standard model:

  • control relays will be increased to 8, which will enable the implementation of many additional functions, including dosing detergents,
  • a real-time clock will be placed, allowing the setting of two different programs depending on the time of day or two different detergents depending on the time of day (distinguish: morning – afternoon),
  • ability to manually activate the vacuum pump or stirrer in two versions: according to the time programmed by the user or for manual shutdown,
  • additional signaling for switching on the washing proces,
  • user will have the ability to set up any program,
  • ability to skip by the user of any step during the program operation, as well as the ability of extending any step during program operation,
  • the user will have access to as many as 8 programs, including pre-programmed ones (3 milking programs and 1 program for washing milk tanks(,
  • ability to edit pre-programmed programs, as well as to create own programs, also in the place of the pre-programmed ones (programming will take place using the controller's keyboard),
  • increased number of steps (sequences) possible to create within the program – from 50 to 100; this will enable the implementation of pulsatile aeration,
  • other functions of the controller will not change in relation to the previous version.

In a model with temperature control:

  • all functions of the standard model will be available,
  • the set includes a temperature sensor,
  • temperature setting range can be set between 20-80 °C, every 0.5 °C,
  • hysteresis adjustment range will be available for thermostatic control 1-20 °C, every 1.0 °C,
  • relay no. 8 will be used to control the heater,
  • ability to set the temperature values on the display at any step (sequence),
  • ability to set variants of functions related to temperature:
  • only heating to the set temperature and forwarding to the next step,
  • ability to program thermostatic control, i.e. heater control, in such a way as to keep the temperature within a set range for a specified time,
  • ability to set both the step with heating and the step with thermostatic control in each program.

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